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Are you tired of dating apps, swiping & data overload?

Do you feel like your online profile isn’t a true representation of how incredible you are?

Do you want a safer dating experience?

We know that online dating comes with its risks.


Are you searching for a long-term relationship?

Dating can be time consuming, inefficient and full of uncertainty. So let us do some of the work for you so you can focus on being your best self!

We know exactly how you feel because we have been there! Meet-Cute is a unique dating service that is driven by the interests of our community of singles who are serious about finding love. Through social events, we make finding love more fun and efficient. We will save you countless hours of scrolling through hundreds of online profiles. We provide a personalized service without the use of an algorithm or a hefty price tag.


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  • Fill out our questionnaire.

  • Schedule a brief conversation with us. We personally interview all of our potential Meet-Cute members.

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  • Events are based on the interest of the community.

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